Poor access to improved technologies hinders legume production in Africa

Very often over looked, cowpea, groundnut, soybean and common bean might have great potential in the product mix of a small holder farmer!



The productivity of legumes―which are important crops for improving nutrition as a cheap source of protein, increasing farmers’ incomes, and improving soil fertility as they fix nitrogen from the air into the soils―can be easily increased and even doubled with application of improved technologies.

However, farmers are unable to access most of these technologies due to poorly developed supply chains, lack of access to credit, and inadequate policies.

These are the challenges that the second phase of the multi-partnership project, “Putting nitrogen fixation to work for smallholder farmers,” in short N2Africa, is addressing. The project‘s goal is to boost the production of legumes among smallholder farmers to improve their income and nutrition while at the same time enhancing soil fertility through promoting the use of these improved technologies.

During the first phase of the project, different technologies for boosting legume production were tested together with farmers in eight countries across…

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