Holiday Mode

This month has been hectic, trying to get things done before the Christmas and New Year holiday shutdown. As far as I could tell many employees had kind of gone into hibernate mode so its a good thing that they go on holiday, hopefully they will return rejuvenated and ready to conquer. Personally I hope to steer clear of the clutches of entrepreneurial burnout.


Apparently entrepreneurial burnout impacts strongly on the judgement of the entrepreneur, they are often unable to reflect on what is happening to them. They certainly feel overwhelmed and very stressed, but often blame fate, circumstances and the failings of others for their predicament, rather than recognising that they suffer from burnout. Read more on the Business Partners Knowledge Hub, its worth it.

Another important area for most people is Administration, Finance and Accounting. I’ve watched some of friends (including Chartered Accountants) drive their businesses into the bush, so do yourself a favour and hire a smart accountant at the right time. That’s an article by @DorcasMuthoni, the founder of OpenWorld. It has been reposted on Bankelele. You need to follow @Bankelele to keep pace with developments in East Africa.

Lets hope 2015 is going to be better, cheaper and faster for your enterprise!

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