Food, water and a few other basic needs: A recap of session 9 of TEDGlobal 2014

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Sipho Moyo speaks at TEDGlobal 2014. Photo: James Duncan Davidson/TED Sipho Moyo speaks at TEDGlobal 2014. Photo: James Duncan Davidson/TED

This session is all about “Basic Needs.” Enjoy these talks on food, innovation, sanitation and more.

Sipho Moyo puts two images up on her screen: a Ghanaian cocoa farmer using a primitive wooden rakes, juxtaposed with the glossy Godiva chocolates that would not exist without her. And yet, says Moyo, the Africa director of ONE, the West African farmers who supply 70% of the $110 billion chocolate industry still struggle to feed their families, making do with little to no fertilizer, tired seeds and pre-Biblical tools. But to feed the world’s projected 10 billion mouths by 2050, we will need Africa’s underutilized land, water and human resources. Meeting those needs will require affordable credit, increased infrastructure and improved terms of trade for farmers. Moyo believes this is possible, looking to success stories like Brazil to inspire African agriculture to take…

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Leventis Foundation Agricultural Schools Training Programme in Modern Agriculture

Read this great article on Agropreneurnaija. Any African country that takes agriculture seriously is bound to succeed. Education and vocational training are obviously top of the list in order to make it sustainable.


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Leventis Foundation Agricultural Schools – In support of the Government Policy and efforts on Agricultural Development and poverty alleviation, the Leventis Foundation (Nigeria) Ltd/Gte, a non-profit making charitable organization has since 1987 been running agricultural training for youths in Nigeria. The Foundation currently has six Agricultural Training Schools. The schools located in Osun, Kaduna, Kano, Gombe and Ondo states and FCT are co-financed by the respective state governments with Leventis Foundation. All the schools offer training to young people (farmers) desirous of making a good career in farming. The comprehensive one-year training exposes the participants to most areas of agriculture and farm business. The objective of the training which is FREE OF ALL COSTS is to create in Nigeria, a new generation of committed young practical farmers who will act as catalysts for agricultural development in their communities.

Admission is open to both Male and Female candidates. Tuition, boarding (including…

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Me and the ‘wonder crop’

A growing force in Agriculture!


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Nigeria cultivates a large array of food and cash crops among which rice has emerged as the fastest growing sub-sector and a popular staple food, especially for urban dwellers. Rice is cultivated in virtually all of Nigeria’s agro-ecological zones. These versatile attributes make it a unique crop with various potentials for enhancing productivity, thus this had made rice to be specially named the ‘wonder crop’.

Enhancing rice productivity through modern knowledge

I recently participated in a 5-day Capacity building workshop on Best Practices for Rice Production in Nigeria by the National Cereals Research Institute (NCRI), Badeggi, Niger State, in partnership with CORAF/ WECARD with funding from USAID.

The main objective of the event was to equip participants with modern knowledge in order to enhance rice productivity and profitability. Promoting the uptake of improved rice production technologies, agronomic practices, new varieties, enhance institutional and organizational capacities of farmer’s…

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