Land developement in the region

I’ve been able to visit a number of African cities in my life time. Few have the solid infrustructure that Zimbabwe inherited from its colonial self. The’re serious short coming when it comes to maintainance though and at first it appears that tis is a direct result of the ten years of economic decline that Zimbabwe is arising from. I’ve noticed a poor attitude in several companies and organisations. Most people are not energised to be the best that they can. This weakness is flowing into severals facets of life in the country but I suspect this might be the biggest opportunity particularly for the small to meduim scale operator. A quick example in the consumer goods market, Cascade (a Dairibord product) has had the air sucked out of it lungs by recently launched Revive. The same can be said in banking sector, but I won’t mention names here, its too close to home!! The security industry, look at the rise of Securico & Volsec.

Getting back to land development, a number of company are selling stand that are not fully serviced. Where I think they could do better in completion of planning in terms access roads, sewer, water and electrical reticulation. These firms have mystified land development and make it look like a magical industry only for the iron hearted. With the right combination of professionals and a single entity in-charge of project management it doesnt have to be so. South african companies have set the benchmark in terms of property development on the continent. This is the reason we are seeing them leading the wave of exciting new shopping malls from Lagos to Accra to Dar.

Lets stop taking short cuts!

Using my facebook & your thoughts on real estate investments in Zimbabwe

I was asking myself how to use my facebook. More and more frequently I find it could aid me in getting the message out on so much work that I’m doing and despite my facebook network being built around my social rather than professional connections, it’s the social that tends to create a more comfortable environment than enables commerce to take place,

I think I going to attempt to experiment. On another note the real estate sector is one of the major recoveries of the multi currency regime in Zimbabwe. A number of interesting development are in the line-up though I most developers are constrained by the lack a capital, the difficulty of accessing (expensive) bank loans and (I suspect) poor marketing strategies, watch this page. Hope fully, I’ll be updating it frequently.