Moving forward

Hi guys, sorry for not updating my blog for such a long time. I’ve been getting to know a few other handy apps like twitter, disqus, dopplr, and like everyone else I’ve been on facebook and linkedin for quite a while now. It does get a bit confusing and a couple of times I’ve posted a work related article to my facebook where I try put stuff that relates exclusivily to my social life rather than my proffessional stuff.

A number of interesting things have been taking place over the past few months but for the “Show Stopper” has been Crowdfunding. Online funding platforms have been around for a while now. I hope to list them one of these days, (the one’s active in Africa). They are doing a good job of filling the micro venture capital/ financing gap void and I see each progressive nation hoping to give a better chance of survival to the SME sector stimulating or encouraging the formation of these online platforms since they allow for much cheaper delivery of financing services and usually cater for business that the banks would hardly consider, at least in Africa that is!

SME Ecosystem Proposal

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